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What can I claim on tax

Tax times always come with many expectations especially when you made a lot of expenditures during the fiscal year. As an income earner, you may often find it hard to get around these expenses in order to determine which one can be deduced from your tax. Don’t worry; you are not alone. There are so many people out there who have no actual knowledge of the expenses they can claim when completing their tax returns. The purpose of this article is to help you identify those things you can claim on tax so that you are able to get the allowable amount as a refund.

There are certain expenses that are work related which you can claim for yourself when completing your own Tax Return Circular Quay . These expenses include every expense you made while at work that was not refunded by your boss. That is why most taxpayers keep an up-to-date record of all the transaction made during the year especially those that involved their own personal money. Here are some of those expenses you can claim when completing your tax return as an employee:


You can also claim donations. The standard is that you can get a tax back for every donation you make that is above $2 . There are other conditions attached to donations besides money. According to the Australian tax office policy, you can claim a gift for certain donations depending on the kind of organization involved. It is of high effect to note that not every donation can be claimed especially those you gave it voluntarily to some individuals. Such donations do not usually have any kind of receipts attached.


You can claim for any amount spent in buying work related clothing, including the cost of cleaning it. These may include uniforms, personal protective clothing, or accessories that are needed in your work place. If these items were not provided in your office, getting them with you own money without being reimbursed by your employer means you can claim them.

In the case where the company you are working with pays you some allowance to take care of such things, then you are required to indicate the amount when completing your return so that the Australian Taxation Office knows about the money provided by your employer for such expenses. Deductions from your tax is directly related to income from work.


There are certain claims you can make on travel and mobility. You can claim for vehicle you use to transport yourself to work related meetings and in general work related travels. This is mostly applicable the vehicle is not provided by the company you are working for. Please relevant section on travel and vehicle expenses so that you know the deductions that are applicable to you.


Another thing you can claim for in your tax deduction is personal education that is work related. There are certain expenses you can include while making such claims. Note that it is not in every situation that you are required to claim for your personal education especially when it does not apply to your job. Refer to the ATO’s official page to find out more about tax return claims involved in your education.

Working from home

If you are required to be working from home, whether long term or short term, then you can claim for home office expenses on furniture, computers and internet, phones and calls, air conditioner, in addition to any other facility that may be relevant to your work. You can include such items in your tax return especially when they start to depreciate. Also remember to include the cost for making repairs and the general maintenance of your home office. Everything you intend to claim in your home office is required be something that is used for work not for personal use. When in doubt, you can seek professional help from Tax Return Barangaroo area.

There are so many other things you can claim for when applicable. Some of them are deductions on your investment income, cost of managing tax affairs, subscriptions, union fees if you belong to one, meals, books, amongst others.

In fact the list is very long. Make sure you read through each category of expenses you can claim on the official website of the Australian Tax Office. When confused about anything, quickly get help from a certified and registered Tax Agent North Sydney  or Tax Accountant North Sydney  or Tax Return North Sydney expert. Do not leave any stone unturned when filing your tax back; after all, it is related to your income and your expenses.

Internet Marketing

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When the electronics devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers are used online with respect to shopping then internet marketing comes into play. Nowadays, marketers are much involved with internet marketing since majority of the consumers use these devices to shop anything from anywhere with ease.

The Internet Marketing enables the marketers to keep track of return on investment quickly as compared to other marketing channels. The two modern forms of Internet Marketing are Social Media Marketing and Digital Brand Marketing. Both these types incorporate the use of applications, SEO, social networks, email, and websites. For different types of businesses, SEO Services are becoming more popular these days. For instance, a lot of people living in Sydney – Australia use frequently the terms tax return Melbourne , tax return online , tax accountant Sydney  that are used for searching about online tax return service in Australia.

Conducting Internet Marketing

Though conducting Internet Marketing is not a daunting job, yet many marketers may take it carelessly. Maybe the reason is that they want to cope with new trends immediately so that they get desired results in few days of time. But the following five actions can be taken into consideration if someone is seeking professional Internet Marketing.

  1. Managing Internet Marketing as an Accessory:

When marketer tends to consider internet marketing as an accessory, then this means that the digital agency does not have much time to prepare a solid strategy to conduct it. To make internet marketing effective, the digital agency takes time to plan for an engagement setup such as working for tax agent Melbourne , tax accountant Melbourne and tax agent Sydney .

If there is a marketing committee, then the marketer can brief about the strategy to everyone. It is possible that a productive and on-going plan is formulated during one single meeting.

  1. Determining Internet Marketing while sitting idle:

A common routine found at the workplace is that daily the director of the company comes across various dashboards and the reports. But most information within them usually gets ignored. Most directors are not familiar with some detailed data which is presented to them. But in such a scenario hiring a team of data experts becomes of high effect; they can interpret data and can help to make informed business decisions.

  1. Ignoring Mobile Shoppers:

These days a large number of online purchases are being done through mobiles phones. The purchase pattern, consumer behavior, and the feedback data can be gathered for interpretation later on. If such an aspect is ignored, then the marketing plan is definitely affected.

  1. Live Chat:

Having an online chat option makes sense for someone who has a good website strategy in place. The live chat enables potential customers to ask questions which can be replied promptly by the support team of the business.

But if no representatives are available online throughout the day, then the live chat option can be removed to avoid inconvenience with the consumers or potential consumers.

  1. Ignoring protection of images on Google:

Majority of the people are unaware about protection issue which is linked with the usage of images and pictures that get searched through Google. Several people easily post pictures without realizing that they may be the property of some person or an organization.

But there is a law for the usage and redistribution of images through Google . To avoid any penalty, an individual can take permission or may pay the respective; else he may be sued for image usage without permission.

Implementation of Digital Channel Strategy to boost Internet Marketing

  1. It opens the way for professional online customer service.
  2. It enables a business to be at the close level with some other competitors.
  3. High revenues may be produced without much effort.
  4. Mobile shoppers may be engaged and connected for long.
  5. It connects a business with online shoppers on the web.
  6. It may result in a high return on investment for a business.
  7. It may allow a business person to save a big amount of money.
  8. It may result in considerable conversion rates.
  9. Through internet marketing, campaigns are easier to be attached together.
  10. A small business owner can compete with enormous firms.

For big and small companies, Internet Marketing Strategy is becoming popular. Having an effective digital channel strategy may lead towards new consumers and new relationships may be built.